Orientation Information

Welcome to Goethe University, welcome to Frankfurt! We, the team of the Goethe Welcome Centre, aim to help you settling into your new environment. Due to the Coronavirus, circumstances of your stay in Frankfurt are still special and so will be our on-boarding programme. In the following, you can find general information about Goethe University and its administrative units offering services, which may be helpful for you.

If you are interested in getting familiar with Westend Campus, Goethe University’s main campus, we would be pleased to welcome you on GWC’s Historical Orientation Tour across the campus on Nov 5th, 2020. If interested, please register with an e-mail to events_gwc@uni-frankfurt.de 

Short introduction to Goethe University

Most of you have travelled considerable distances to join our university. Your personal effort contributes to the university’s high level of internationalization that enables us to participate in the international quest for answers to today’s global challenges. This presentation provides an overview of the university’s history, its current identity and its international profile.

Administrative structure

While getting accustomed to your new academic environment it surely is beneficial to see the broader picture in which your research is embedded. The following presentation offers an introduction to the scientific landscape of Hesse and Germany as well as to the administrative structure of Goethe University.

Who can help you at Goethe University?

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The Goethe Welcome Centre (GWC) is the central point of advice and services for international researchers. If you have any non-academic concerns like visa applications or apartment hunting, the GWC-team can give or arrange professional, expert advice. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can find a short introduction under the following link

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GRADE, Goethe Research Academy for Early Career Researchers, is dedicated to the support of young researchers. GRADE offers a wide range of qualification opportunities, foremost displayed by its biannual training program, but also individual guidance, e.g. concerning PhD funding. Here you can find an introduction. 

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The Research Service Center is the first point of contact for research projects with third-party-funding and offers assistance with every administrative task of the funded project.

Please find a short introduction under the following link


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The Equal Opportunities Office develops concepts and policies that further gender equality, diversity and a family-friendly environment at our university. Besides, it provides private counselling in cases of discrimination and sexual harassment.

For further introductory information click here

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The Interdisciplinary College for University Teaching (IHK) fosters the professionalization of teaching and lecturing at Goethe University. To this end, it offers training for academic staff in the area of university didactics and encourages exchange both within and between disciplines. 

Here you can find an introduction.

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The Department of Personnel and Organizational Development furthers the portfolio of training opportunities at Goethe University. Its services range from leadership development to research governance. For further Information click here