Step by Step to Frankfurt


As soon as you receive an official invitation letter from the Goethe-University, you should register with the Goethe Welcome Centre.

You should then contact the relevant German mission abroad (Embassy or Consulate) applicable to you and your nationality and apply for a visa. When applying for the visa, you must prove that you have health insurance cover. For further detailed information on this, please check the website of the relevant German mission abroad . You will need a number of documents for your stay in Frankfurt. We will be pleased to help you find a place to live and will discuss the various options with you. If you would like to come to Frankfurt with your family, we will be pleased to assist you with questions relating to your spouse and/or children's subsequent move to Frankfurt.
Once you have arrived in Frankfurt, you will have to go through some red tape, with our assistance, of course. If your place of residence is in Frankfurt, you are required to register with the Municipality of Frankfurt at the Citizens' Office (Bürgeramt). Depending on your nationality, you might also need a Residence Permit. Furthermore, you must ensure that you are covered by a health insurance policy that is recognized in Germany. You should also think about whether you might need any other insurance policies, such as personal liability insurance or private accident insurance. It is often useful to open a bank account in Frankfurt. We will be pleased to advise you on any contractual or tax questions. After your arrival, we will meet with you to discuss all necessary steps and will then accompany you to the most relevant authorities.

As a family-friendly university, Frankfurt will assist you with questions relating to the compatibility of a career and family and will help your spouse or partner with the services offered by our Dual Career Service program. If your children are with you in Frankfurt, the Goethe Welcome Centre will be pleased to help you find suitable childcare services or appropriate schools. If you or your spouse or partner would like to improve your German language skills, the Goethe Welcome Centre, in cooperation with the Internationale Sprachen- und Studienzentrum (ISZ), offers suitable entry-level German courses. Besides the outstanding working conditions and an excellent University Library, you will find that Frankfurt is a city that offers a high quality of life and plenty of recreational activities. Frankfurt boasts a broad range of cultural, sporting and leisure events to choose from, and our web pages contain some suggestions for activities in Frankfurt and surrounds. Should you need medical treatment and you would prefer a doctor or hospital where other languages besides German are spoken, please contact the Goethe Welcome Centre. If you travel to Frankfurt with your own car, we have compiled some useful information for you regarding driving licences and registering your car.

We wish you all the best for a pleasant start at Goethe University.

Upcoming Events

Program Winter Term 2023/2024

08.03.2024: Concert by the hr-Symphony Orchester - Frankfurt Radio Symphony

23.03.2024: Guided Tour through Palmengarten


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