Emission Stickers for Cars Registered Abroad

“Motorists with cars registered abroad who wish to operate their vehicles in Frankfurt or other cities where environmental zones have been established, will need emissions stickers as of the first day they enter Germany."

In Germany, environmental zones are identified by the following rectangular road sign. In these zones, no vehicular traffic is allowed.

In specially designated environmental zones, vehicles may be operated if they have the emissions sticker which is shown on the additional sign and required to enter the zone.

The sign may show

  1. one sticker (green),
  2. two stickers (green and yellow), or
  3. all three stickers

and exempts cars with these windscreen stickers from the general ban on vehicular traffic.

Such a sticker can be applied for at the following address or on the internet:

If you do not have the required sticker, the fine will be 40 EUR.

Further information can be found on the TÜV SÜD website.


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