Once your stay in Frankfurt is coming to an end, we would kindly ask you to take part in GWC's service evaluation and complete the following steps and formalities.

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General Formalities

  • De-register with the Bürgeramt (Not earlier than 1 week before the end of your stay. Could also be done after leaving Germany.) :
    • Complete and sign the online form  
    • send the form, a copy of your passport and a postal adress to receive your deregistration document to:

Bürgeramt Zeil 3
60313 Frankfurt am Main

or via e-mail to (or via fax: +49 69 212 30898)

  • Please note that with a town hall de-registration in Germany your residence (and work) permit loses its validity.

Bank Account and Insurances

  • Close your bank account and return your debit card (not before last transfers have been effected e.g. refund of rental deposit)
  • Notify your health insurer and return your health insurance card
  • Termination of other insurances (for example liability insurance) where applicable


  • Terminate your rental agreement where applicable (organise hand-over of the apartment; don't forget hand-over report)
  • If you live in a university guest house: Arrange an appointment with the property management about 2-3 days before departure to hand over the apartment and keys
  • If you have rented a private apartment
  1. termination of the lease:
    Make sure you cancel your accommodation on time (often three months' notice, please refer to the exact period in the lease contract).
  2. handover: Make an appointment with your landlord for handover.
  3. deposit refund: Make sure that you get your deposit refunded.
  4. painting/repair of the apartment: Does your lease require you to paint the flat after departure? If you do not want to paint the walls yourself, organize a painter in due time.
  5. settlement of chargescancellation of electricity contract  (Stadtwerke): Since operating costs are only charged once a year, you may receive an additional payment or refund request, even if you no longer live in Germany. Make sure that the landlord has your home address and bank account details, because you might receive a refund of prepaid charges.


  • Termination of your mobile phone contract where applicable
  • Termination Internet/telephone
  • Termination of  TV licence fee
  • Termination of any newspaper subscriptions
  • It might be advisable to apply for a forwarding request with the post office

Goethe University

  • Return of the Goethe Card to secretary of your host institute
  • Return of university room keys to secretary of your host institute


  • Leave your used international books with GU's book swap Goethe's Book Xchange (find more infomation on the right)
  • De-registration of children at school and kindergarten if applicable
  • Termination of any club memberships
  • Annual adjustment of wage tax (tax declaration until latest 31/05 of following year. All forms needed are available at the tax office (Finanzamt)
  • Reimbursement of pension insurance
  • Termination of BahnCard if applicable
  • De-registration of car if applicable
  • If you are planning to take items with you that are liable to customs duty please find information about the current regulations


Global Office
Goethe Welcome Centre

Westend Campus
60629 Frankfurt am Main
Tel. +49-69-798-17193
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Riedberg Campus
Biozentrum, Gebäude N100, Magistrale, EG, Raum 010
Max-von-Laue-Straße 9
60438 Frankfurt am Main
Tel. +49-69-798-29863
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Email: welcome(at) 

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