Change of Name, Address, or Nationality

If you would like to report a change of address, you can either change your address yourself on the Goethe-Campus website using your HRZ password, or you can send a written notification by mail to the Study Service Center. Please use the change of address form available for download on this page.

Note: For reasons of privacy, it is not possible to change your address by phone or e-mail.

To change your name or nationality, submit your request in writing using the change of address form above. Please include a copy of the relevant official document as proof.

Requests to change your first name and gender must be made in writing using the gender/name change form.

Please attach a copy of your DGTI ID card as proof.

As soon as your change has been registered by the Registrar's Office, you can order a new Goethe Card from the HRZ. This is free of charge. 

If desired, the photo on the Goethe Card can also be changed with the change of first name and gender. This can also be done at a later date.

You can change the photo either in person at the HRZ or by e-mail.

The application address is the same in all cases:

Goethe University, Studium Lehre Internationales, Student Administration, Registrar's Office, 60629 Frankfurt, Germany

Change of address form

Gender/name change form


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