Lost Goethe Card

Lost your Goethe Card?

If you have lost your Goethe Card, please transfer €15 to the following Goethe University account:

IBAN: DE52 5005 0000 0001 007475 SWIFT-BIC: HELA DE FF XXX

Important: Please note that the IBAN is not the account for the semester fee.

Specify your registration number, first and last name, and "Projekt 61002101" as the reason for transfer, e.g:

1234567, Smith John, Projekt 61002101

Verify and, if necessary, change your address on the Goethe Campus website using your HRZ password. The newly created Goethe Card will be sent to this address.

Please then send an e-mail to sli@uni-frankfurt.de informing us about the transfer of the amount for the creation of a new Goethe Card. After receiving the mail and the amount, the University Computing Center (HRZ) will receive a message from the "Studium Lehre Internationales" about the receipt of the €15 and produce your new Goethe Card.