Conflicts at Goethe University: Preventing and Dealing with Them

“The foundation of our thinking and action is appreciation of openness and diversity."
(Goethe University Mission Statement)

Wherever people interact and work together, conflicts can arise – confrontations of seemingly irreconcilable positions and interests. Conflicts are a serious challenge for those involved, and can lead to teachers, employees and students no longer cooperating actively or as partners. Disadvantage and discrimination also place a considerable burden on those affected, and at the same time the institution as a whole is harmed if the rights of individuals are disregarded. 

A positive culture of dispute and feedback can defuse conflicts and bring about effective solutions. This portal offers all Goethe University members orientation in situations of stress and conflict, and in cases of discrimination. It provides information on support offered by the university. The portal is in accordance with the work agreement on conflict resolution and workplace interaction based on partnership that applies to all employees and students at Goethe University. Please take advantage of these offers of support to help strengthen and ensure mutual respect and cooperative interaction.

Employees and Teachers