Car sharing is a budget-friendly alternative to public transportation, traditional car rental or car ownership. It is a way of collective use of one or more vehicles offered online.  You can rent cars for limited periods of time, often by the hour or day. Cars can be used for fees starting at 1 € oder 2 € per hour and about 0,20 € per kilometer plus a possible monthly service charge. Car sharing may be attractive especially for those who make use of a vehicle only occasionally. However, for the week-end early booking is recommended.

The most popular car sharing services in Germany are the following:

Book-n-drive Carsharing (in German Only)

Stadtmobil Carsharing

App2Drive Interactive Carsharing

Private car sharing platforms:

SnappCar (in German only)


For a comprehensive comparison of various car sharing providers, see here.

In addition to the providers mentioned above, you can find a variety of providers in Bad Homburg (for a comparison see here, in German only), Bad Vilbel (for a comparison see here, in German only) and Oberursel (for a comparison see here, in German only).  

Foto: DN / pixelio