Moving around Frankfurt by bike can be a lot of fun. For instance, it is possible to buy a used bicycle at the weekly flee markets, or you may purchase a new model from various bicycle retails.

Please keep in mind that bicycle theft is quite common in Frankfurt. Therefore we recommend locking your bicycle carefully at all times. 

Bicycle rental in Frankfurt

Various providers in Frankfurt offer bicycle rental services.

Rental prices vary according to the provider, ranging from 3€ to 13€ per day on average. You can rent a bicycle for 3€ to 12,70€ depending on the type of bicycle at Deutsche Bahn. Renting a bicycle at next bike by TIER starts from 1€ for 15 minutes.

With Swapfiets you can rent a bike on a monthly base.

You can find a list of rental stations here and here.

There are also plenty possibilities to rent an e-scooter. Some of the providers are Lime, Tier, Bird or Voi.

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