Sporting Activities at Goethe University

All students, members, and affiliates of Goethe University are entitled to use the Centre for University Sports (Zentrum für Hochschulsport). Sports at Goethe University are purely recreational and hence the emphasis is on having a good time and taking a break from the daily routine. At the Centre for University Sports, you will find more than 40 different sports on offer. 

Registration for our sport courses generally starts mid of April for the Summer Term and mid October for the Winter Term.

Additional Offers

Fitness training


For a workout at a gym, feel free to join our university's offer "fitness training on training devices" ("Fitness an Kraftgeräten"). If, however, you would like to become a member at a commercial fitness studio, we have gathered a few suggestions of popular ones in central locations:

Women only:

 You can also find a suitable fitness centre close to your home or close to the campus with these search engines:

The region's landscape offers a great choice for all kinds of outdoor activities such as cycling, jogging and tennis, rowing and canoeing.

Outdoor Activities


Clubs / Vereine

Team and indoor sports are mainly offered by sporting clubs. As well as sports clubs, there are a great variety of other clubs active in all kinds of cultural, social, natural and creative fields. You can find a brief description of every club in Frankfurt with the Vereinswegweiser.

Sporting events, sports places and sporting clubs can all be found on the City of Frankfurt's website.