Summer holiday games 2021

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Dear parents,

it is planned that the vacation games will take place from July 19 to August 06. However, we will only be able to inform you at relatively short notice in which format the vacation games will take place. Please refer to the information on our website or contact us directly.

 The Family Service supports all members of the university community in the reconciliation of work, university studies and family, and offers a personalized advisory service:


  • Sara Schlichting primarily advises employees but also focuses on care
  • Benjamin Kirst advises fathers and addresses the interests of university students
  • Doris Paare receives employee applications for day care centre spots on the Westend Campus and Riedberg Campus

Additionally, the Family Service is the central planning and coordinating body for policies and measures to improve study and work conditions for students and employees with family obligations. These include:

  • Expanding university child care and implementing a family-friendly infrastructure
  • Providing child care when lecturing hours and school vacations overlap
  • Offering workshops for relatives engaged in care work and work-life balance workshops
  • Promoting a family-friendly work and university culture

Successfully taking part in the »audit familiengerechte Hochschule«, Goethe University was consecutively certified as family-friendly university for the third time in 2011.

Registration for childcare places in Frankfurt

In order to organize the registration for childcare places in Frankfurt, the city of Frankfurt has established a central registration platform.

Since the platform is not yet provided in English language, Goethe University’s Equal Opportunities Office has developed a manual to in English language, which shall support you in the registration process. Please don’t hesitate to ask for help, if the manual doesn’t fit your needs. If you are registered to Goethe Welcome Centre, please contact them. In other terms, you will find support by Family Service (contacts on the right) or Goethe University’s Dual Career Service.

 If you want to register for a childcare place as an employee of Goethe University, please fill out the application form and send it to Ms Gebler-Lauer (contact on the right). All non-employees shall register at