Radio and TV Fees

The Licence Fee: one flat, one fee

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Every adult who lives in Germany and is registered as a resident is obliged by German law to pay a licence fee to finance public service broadcasting ARD, ZDF and Deutschlandradio.

How many radios, TV sets or computers are in the flat does not matter as the fee is conform to the principle "one flat, one fee". It is payable once only per flat by one person and is valid for everyone who lives there. The new licence fee of  €18.36 per month also covers the car radios of everyone who lives in the flat.
For further information about exemption or the reduced rate as well as e. g. registration forms  [Formulare z. B. zur Anmeldung] , visit

Important: Researchers staying at one of GU's guest houses (Beethovenstraße, Ditmarstraße or Frauenlobstraße) do not have to pay the licence fee. Please, send possible letters inviting you to pay this licence to Ms. Isabelle de Porras (Goethe Welcome Centre, Global Office, Goethe University Frankfurt).