Bachelor and State Examination

In general, all international applicants who have not obtained their university entrance qualification in Germany (or at a school with a German Abitur) apply to study at Goethe University via our preliminary admissions service uni-assist

Before applying, please check the course offerings (Studienangebot) to find out whether the desired study program requires prior registration with the University Admissions Foundation (DOSV).

Application procedure

Register with uni-assist, fill out the application form for your desired degree program in the online application portal, upload the required documents (transcripts, language certificates, and other documents) and pay the application fees

Currently, an online application is sufficient. Please note, however, that if you are accepted for admission, you must submit certified copies of your documents at the latest by the time of enrollment.

Once your documents are complete and you have fulfilled the application requirements, you will receive a confirmation report and your applicant number. Uni-assist will also contact you if additional documents need to be submitted or if other clarifications are necessary. Therefore, please be sure to provide an e-mail address.

In the next step, uni-assist forwards your application to Goethe University. Following completion of the official admission procedure at the university, you will receive a letter of admission or non-acceptance from Goethe University with further details. The admission process usually takes place at the earliest 3-4 weeks after the end of the application period.

Required documents

  • School-leaving certificate with overview of subjects and grades and all other documents in the original language with translation (by a sworn translator into German or English) that entitle you to study at a university in your home country
  • Applicants from India, Vietnam, and the People's Republic of China also need an original APS certificate
  • Proof of German language skills (min. B1 certificate for Studienkolleg [preparation course] and DSH [German language proficiency test] course and level DSH-2 or DSH-3 or equivalence for studies)
  • Copy of your valid passport (only page with personal details)
  • If applicable, payment receipt of paid fee
  • For medicine/dentistry/pharmacy/biochemistry B.Sc: TestAS (test for foreign students)
  • For individual courses of study: Online Self Assessment (OSA)

Note on application documents

  • All application documents must be submitted in officially certified form. Exceptions: copy of passport, payment and OSA verification. TestDaF and IELTS can be verified online by uni-assist. In this case, a standard copy of the certificate is sufficient. 
  • Your documents will be stored at uni-assist for one year and then deleted. You should therefore never submit original transcripts.

DOSV application

For some degree programs, places are allocated using the dialog-oriented service procedure (DOSV). 

Please register first at the application portal of Hochschulstart. You will receive two identification numbers (BID and BAN).

With these identification numbers, you can apply in the portal of uni-assist as indicated above.

Special requirements for medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and biochemistry

By the end of the application period, the TestAS (test for foreign students) with module MIN (Mathematics, Informatics, Natural Sciences) must be submitted with the German language test. You have the option of taking the TestAS anywhere in the world or in Germany at numerous test centers. There is a fee for taking TestAS.

If you submit multiple test scores, only the first two will be considered. The best result is decisive.

Please note that when applying for the subjects of medicine and dentistry, you must demonstrate that your German language skills are already at level DSH-3.

Application for 2nd semester or higher

Applications for higher semesters are also carried out through uni-assist. A statement of eligibility from the relevant assessment office must be received by the application deadline. For contact information, please visit the study program information page.

Are you currently enrolled in your chosen degree program in Germany? In this case, you can only apply for the next higher semester.

Are you currently enrolled abroad or not studying at the moment? You may then apply for a higher and/or the first academic semester. However, if you have been admitted to the first semester, you cannot subsequently be placed in a higher semester.

Exceptions to uni-assist procedure

Visiting students and participants of international student exchange programs (e.g. ERASMUS, DAAD) should contact the Global Office directly.

All applicants who have a foreign school-leaving certificate and a recognition certificate (Anerkennungsbescheid) from a German state transcript recognition office (i.e. ministry of education and cultural affairs or the state education offices) apply directly via Goethe University's online application process and not through uni-assist. Please note that recognition certificates from other universities will not be accepted.

International applicants who have completed their Abitur in Germany (or at a German school abroad) must also apply directly via Goethe University's online application page.

Applications for postgraduate law degrees (LL.M.): Further information can be found on the Law faculty website.

Application for Studienkolleg or DSH preparation course

Even if you have to attend the DSH preparation course or the Studienkolleg, you still have to apply via uni-assist for your preferred course of study and select "yes" when asked if you wish to apply for the Studienkolleg or the DSH course. Initially, you will only receive an invitation to the placement test for the DSH preparation course or to the Studienkolleg.

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