Applying for Admission to Goethe University

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Thank you for your interest in studying at Goethe University! On the following pages, we have compiled all the information you need to apply.

Still not sure which course of study is right for you? Find out more about our degree programs or take advantage of the advising services offered by the Student Advisory Service.

Degree programs

Here you'll find an overview and detailed information about the programs offered at Goethe University.

Undergraduate studies

You have not yet completed your studies in Germany and would like to apply for the first semester.

Master's degree

You have a bachelor's degree and would like to pursue a master's degree.

Second degree

You have completed your first degree in Germany and would like to study another undergraduate subject (not a master's degree).

Higher semester

You have earned course credit in the same or a different major and would like to advance to a higher semester.


You can earn a doctorate after completing a master's program or passing a state exam.

Continuing education

Part-time master's degree programs, certification programs, and individual continuing education as a guest student or attending U3L.

Study with health issues / disabilities

You live with health issues / disabilities and would like to find out about ways to make the most of your studies.

The ABCs of applying

All the important information arranged by keywords.