International Applicants

Bachelor's & state examination

If you have not yet completed your studies in Germany and would like to apply to attend the first semester, you can find everything you need to know here.


Some degree programs require you to apply directly to the relevant faculty. For most master's programs, you need to apply through the main online application portal.


You can obtain a PhD after you have completed a university degree (e.g. master's degree, Magister, Diplom, state examination).

Studienkolleg and certificate recognition

In order to study in Germany, you need a recognized school-leaving certificate. You can find out more about this on our info page.

German language

For many courses of study, you will need to demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the German language. Goethe University offers numerous support options.

Advising and support

The Study Service Point is the place to go for general information and assistance. International students also benefit from a wide range of additional support services.