Undergraduate Studies

If you have not yet completed your studies in Germany and would like to apply for the first semester, you can find all the important information about the application process here.

Application by type of school qualification

German school-leaving certificate

You obtained your higher education entrance qualification either in Germany or at a German school abroad

School graduation abroad

You are a German citizen who obtained your higher education entrance qualification abroad

International applicants

This page provides comprehensive information for international applicants.

Admission requirements for university studies

University entrance qualification

From general to subject-specific university entrance qualifications, here you will find information about school-leaving qualifications.

Professional qualifications

Under certain conditions, you can also study at the Goethe University as a professionally qualified person without a university entrance qualification (e.g. Abitur).

Subject-specific requirements

Some programs have special admission requirements, such as aptitude tests or proficiency in a foreign language.

Facts and figures

Dates and deadlines

By when do I have to apply? When is the re-registration deadline? Get an overview of all the important dates and deadlines for internal university procedures.

All about the NC

What is a numerus clausus (NC) and what was it last semester?

Admission procedure status

Here you will find the current status of the internal admission procedure for university-affiliated degree programs.

Weitere Verfahren


After the completion of the admission procedures, any remaining vacant spots will be allocated through a lottery system.

Change of subject and double degree

You are currently enrolled at Goethe University and wish to change your major or pursue a different course of study.

Exchanging study places

Under certain circumstances, students from two universities have the opportunity to exchange study positions.