Application Procedure

Your first step to a successful application: Check out the program offerings for your preferred course of study. There you will find not only the content and requirements of the program, but also important information on how to apply:

  • Is the program non-restricted or restricted?
  • What is the admissions procedure (DOSV, ZV, uni-intern)?
  • Are there aptitude tests, language skills, etc. that need to be verified?

There are three different admissions procedures for undergraduate programs at Goethe University:


The following degree programs participate in the Dialog-Oriented Service Procedure (DOSV):

Biochemistry (B.Sc.)

Bioinformatics (B.Sc.)

Biological Sciences (B.Sc.)

Educational Science (B.A.)

Linguistics (B.A.)

Psychology (B.Sc.)

Law (StEx)

Sports Science (B.A.)

Business and Economic Education  (B.A.)

Economics (B.A.)

ZV study programs

The study programs

  • Medicine
  • Pharmacy
  • Dentistry

are allocated through the central allocation procedure (ZV) of Hochschulstart.

Internal university procedure

All other undergraduate programs are allocated through the university's internal procedure.

You can apply for a total of three programs at Goethe University at the same time, regardless of whether the programs have restricted or non-restricted admissions, or whether you are applying through the university's internal procedure or the DOSV.

Still a minor at the time of application?

Even if you're under the age of 18, you can apply and study at Goethe University. However, there are specific guidelines that you and your legal guardians need to be aware of:

With the general consent, legal guardians affirm that their minor can:

  •    Enroll and study at Goethe University.
  •    Carry out all legal transactions related to the studies, such as fee payments and borrowing of resources, and receive notices from Goethe University.
  •    Attend multi-day excursions and voluntary events.
  •    Use hazardous substances in medical and scientific courses, adhering to legal standards.
  •    Understand that Goethe University doesn't offer specialized supervision for minors.

Minors must present the general consent from their legal guardians during the application process, or at the very latest, during enrollment.

Without this general consent, even if admitted, minors cannot enroll at Goethe University.

If applying online, you will be provided with a consent form at the end of your application process alongside the application form. The form can also be accessed here: Generaleinwilligung (General consent form).

Minors who are 16 years or older and have obtained the consent of their legal guardians to start their studies at Goethe University are treated as adults under § 12 para. 1 No. 2 of the Hessian Administrative Procedures Act (Hessisches Verwaltungsverfahrensgesetz). This means they have the authority to:

  •    Undertake study and examination activities, register for exams, and if necessary, withdraw from exams without needing separate consent each time.
  •    Apply for financial assistance in case of disadvantages or hardship.
  •    File appeals or objections.
  •    Participate in academic and student self-governance, including the exercise of active and passive voting rights,.
  •    Access libraries, IT infrastructure, and other public services provided by the university or student body.