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Welcome to Goethe University!

We're thrilled you've chosen Goethe University for your academic journey. Our dedicated staff is here to ensure a smooth transition for you with a variety of orientation and introductory events. 

For up-to-date semester schedules, please refer to the semester dates page.

Our central welcome event, "unistart," is typically organized for all incoming students. During the afternoon, you'll get a chance to familiarize yourself with various university departments. And to cap off the day, we host the big unistart party in the evening.

We strongly recommend attending the orientation events outlined below. Also, please be mindful of important details such as course registration, language course options, and language proficiency tests, among others.

Faculty orientation and information sessions for new students

You can also find information about orientation sessions in the LSF course catalog.

What do I need to get started?

  • Study information from the faculty (see below)
  • Statutes/regulations for each program
  • Attend the orientation events listed below
  • The general course catalog provides a good overview of the entire range of courses offered by the university. 
  • Knowledge of the infrastructure of the university (dean's offices, institutes, administrative offices, libraries, information and counseling centers and other service facilities, etc.)
  • Familiarity with university maps and locations
  • Knowledge of the university's organization (student involvement, boards, committees, administration, etc.).
  • If you have questions about the content and requirements of individual programs, please contact the subject advisors (for addresses and office hours, see the student guide ("Wegweiser") of the Student Advisory Service.
  • For general, interdisciplinary questions, please contact the Student Advisory Service during office hours.
  • For further information on the study programs, please refer to the course offerings.

The "Studium Lehre Internationales" team wishes you success in your studies at Goethe University!

Overview of faculty orientation sessions:

Orientation events

Information session for first-year students:



Click here for dates and more information.

Sports Sciences

Click below for dates and more information.

Orientation events for first-year students

For students of the study programs at the Faculty 06, see pages of the faculty

The Faculty of Theology's orientation and introductory sessions are always held on the first Tuesday of the first week of classes each semester, from 10 a.m. to noon in room 1.731.


All information for first-year students, students changing subjects, and students changing universities can be found at www.geschichte.uni-frankfurt.de/start.


Orientation event for Philosophy BA/MA

Please check the faculty pages for more information.


For further information please refer to the faculty's web pages

Art History

Orientation events for Art History

Click here, for further information. 


For further information, please visit the pages of the Institut für Musikwissenschaft.


For further information, please visit the pages of the faculty


For further information, please visit the pages of the faculty

Orientation event for first-year students
: TBA 


For further information, please visit the pages of the faculty

Korean Studies

For further information, please visit the pages of the faculty

Southeast Asian Studies

For further information, please visit the pages of the faculty

Classical Philology

The event for teacher education programs will be held on Tuesday, April 5 from 11 a.m.-12 p.m. in room IG 0.457.

The event for undergraduate students will be held on Monday, April 4 from 11 a.m.-12 p.m. in room IG 4.501.

Further links of Faculty 9

American Studies/English Studies

For further information, please visit the pages of the faculty

Romance Studies

Click here for more information.

Theater, Film, and Media Studies

For further information, please visit the pages of the faculty.

German Literature

See the pages of the faculty for more information.

Literary Theory and Comparative Literature

See the pages of the institute for more information.

Scandinavian Studies

See the pages of the institute for more information.

Click here for information on introductory course 

Degree programs in Medicine and Dentistry:

Information on the orientation sessions can be found on the faculty pages

Teaching degree

An interdepartmental orientation is also held for teaching degree students, who usually study in more than one department:

To REGISTER for the practicum semester (Praxissemester, L3), please visit the Akademie für Bildungsforschung und Lehrkräftebildung (ABL)  web pages.

Student advising

Every Mon. 10:00 - 12:00 & 14:00 - 16:00 and Thurs. 9:00 - 11:00 & 14:00 - 16:00 a virtual office hour is offered by student advising for the teacher education (Studienberatung Lehramt).

Part of the teacher education orientation (LVO) is the student orientation (O-Phase), which is organized by the student advisor for the teacher education program. When and where the O-Phase will take place this year will be announced.



Orientation session for international students

Orientation sessions for international first-year students take place at the beginning of each semester and are designed to help you get started and to help you complete your studies smoothly and successfully.

As part of the orientation program, there is a session for international first-year students in bachelor's programs and state examination programs, and a session for international first-year students in master's programs.

You can find more information about these events and the current dates on the pages for international students.

If you have any questions about the orientation sessions for international students, please contact:

Barbara Budzisz
International Studies
Westend Campus, PEG Building
Phone: (069) 798-38 38
E-mail: b.budzisz@em.uni-frankfurt.de

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