For Staff


Regular childcare

To help staff reconcile their work with their family responsibilities as efficiently as possible, Goethe University Frankfurt has its own childcare facilities on all its premises. You can find an overview here...

The FAQs on the Registration Procedure for Children of Staff Members answer the most frequently asked questions.


Flexible childcare

The supervised nursery and pre-school on Westend Campus is a flexible childcare solution with restricted hours.
You can find here other flexible childcare options in Frankfurt.


Holiday childcare

In the overlap between the school holidays and the lecture period, the Holiday Games Programme at Goethe University Frankfurt takes the pressure off families.

We have also put together information about other holiday schemes in Frankfurt for you. 


Back-up childcare

When regular childcare is cancelled unexpectedly, it is difficult to know what to do. By being as flexible as possible, our cooperation partners help to ease the stress. 


Childcare during congresses and conferences

Congresses and conferences are an important vector for academic careers. Tailored childcare concepts enable parents to participate.


FlexiKids Fund

With the recently launched FlexiKids Fund for Flexible Childcare, the Family Service at the Equal Opportunities Office aims to support all staff and doctoral researchers at Goethe University Frankfurt and bears their childcare costs during off-peak times.