Course/Exam Registration

Courses held at the Faculty 03 are published at the end of the previous semester via the QIS-platform. However, courses can still be added up until the start of the registration process which is usually during September for the winter semester and during March for the summer semester.

The Department of International Relations at the Faculty 03 provides an overview of all English courses on its website before the start of the registration process.

Yes, this is possible. However, you need to coordinate this with the respective faculty, so please contact the faculty's international coordinator. You can find the respective coordinator at Goethe-University in this document. If you cannot find the right contact, the Department of International Relations at the Faculty 03 can help you.

If you do not want to participate in a class anymore, you need to deregister from the class via QIS, so other students can take your place. If you are already enrolled in the respective learning platform, which will be either OLATBSCW, or Moodle, please sign out there as well.

Please make sure to reduce communication with your lecturers to a minimum. If you have questions which can be answered by their assistants, please contact them first. You can find the mail addresses of the lecturers and their assistants on the website of the respective professorship.

Students must register via QIS for all courses they want to attend. This applies regardless of whether a seminar is limited or not. The allocation of places is regulated through priorities. The registration periods for the respective semester will be published online on the website of the Department of International Relations. It does not matter when you apply within the registration period. In a second registration phase, the remaining places are allocated in real-time. Incoming students who enroll in Frankfurt after the first registration phase cannot register for the limited courses via QIS. Instead, please contact the lecturer directly via email. You can find their contact information in QIS. If you encounter any difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact us via

If you enroll at Goethe University after the first registration phase, you need to contact the lecturer of the classes you want to take directly. You can find their contact information in QIS. If there are problems regarding registration, please contact the Department of International Relations at Faculty 03.

Seminare and Proseminare are courses in which the content of the course is discussed with the active participation of students. However, Seminare are at master level. Bachelor students can only take them for the specialization module. Otherwise, they take Proseminare at bachelor level. 

Vorlesung is a lecture lasting 60-70 minutes followed by a discussion. Kolloquiums are classes to prepare and get support for final theses.

As a rule, B.A. students at the Faculty 03 receive three ECTS for regular participation in seminars and an additional four ECTS for further achievements (g. exam, term paper; essay). M.A. Students receive three ECTS for regular attendance and five ECTS for exams/papers.

You do not have to finish the entire module to get credits. You will receive ECTS for every seminar you finish.

The Department of International Relations at the Faculty 03 will be happy to help you with your questions. Please contact us via email ( and we can arrange an appointment.

Erasmus+ students at the Faculty of Social Sciences do not participate in the regular exam registration process. Please register informally with the lecturers for any kind of assignment.