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Questions for lecturers:

If you would like to host a student at your chair, these mobilities are called freemover guest students (Ph.D. students and interns). Freemover guest students are self-financed. Neither the Global Office nor the department/institute assumes financial responsibility for the applicants. 

Subject-specific supervision can only be provided if the lecturer teaches at Goethe University during the period of supervision. Students should be supported in all matters related to the subject of study. There are no further obligations for you as a teacher, neither the taking of exams nor the connection to any kind of activities related to the professorship. Administrative support (admission, enrolment) is provided by the Global Office.

The sending university and/or the student may request a Letter of Acceptance or a Letter of Invitation. The letter of Acceptance/Invitation can only be issued by the supervisor or the department. Please contact the student directly about what information has to be included in the Letter of Acceptance/Invitation. More information is available here.

Some of the incoming students at the department do not yet have an HRZ account at the beginning of the registration period, as enrollment takes place on site in Frankfurt. Our incoming students therefore register with you directly by e-mail for courses. We would like to kindly ask you to support the exchange students in this and to enable them to participate in the course in this way even after the registration deadline has expired. You are free to accept additional students even after the registration deadlines have expired. Please make generous use of this opportunity to continue accepting students for exchange students. Registration for courses is not linked to registration for exams. It is therefore NOT necessary to report to the Dean of Studies or the Examination Office.

Incoming students from Faculty 03 do not take part in the central examination registration for the Faculty. Registration for the exam takes place informally at the beginning of the course with you as the teacher together with the arrangement of the exam requirements. It is important that you, as a teacher, make it particularly clear to the incoming students which services are to be provided and what specific requirements are associated with this (e.g. plagiarism; concept of proof of participation, which is often unknown abroad; etc.).

In addition, it may be necessary for incoming students to receive a grade for courses in which only proof of participation (3 CP) was provided. This is required as proof at your home university in order to receive the payment of the ERASMUS+ funding. In these exceptional cases, please comply with the student's request and give a grade.

The examination performance is documented in a separate course certificate, which must be signed by you and stamped by the professor or the international affairs officer and Erasmus+ coordinator of FB03. Please also ensure that the event title is spelled correctly, which is essential for the creation of a transcript of records by the GU Global Office. As incoming students often have to meet deadlines at their home universities, we ask you to send the signed course certificates to the Global Office as soon as possible.

Additional information on regulations for incoming students can be found on the department's website.

Send the signed Course Certificates, stamped by the professor or International Relations Management and Erasmus+-Coordination to incoming@uni-frankfurt.de. It is also possible to forward the printed versions of the completed and stamped Course Certificate via internal mail to Eschersheimer Landstraße 155, c/o House of Labor, 3rd floor, 60323 Frankfurt am Main.

Normally they receive the same ECTS for participation/performance as regular students. BA Students in the Faculty of Social Sciences usually receive 3 ECTS for regular participation in seminars and additional 4 ECTS for achievements (e.g. exam, term paper, essay). MA Students receive 3 ECTS for regular attendance and 5 ECTS for study achievements. More information can be found here.

It may be necessary for incoming students to obtain a grade for courses in which only a participation certificate (3 CP) has been earned. This is required as proof at their home university in order to receive the disbursement of ERASMUS+ funding. In these exceptional cases, please comply with the student's request and provide a grade. 

The documentation of the examination performance is done via a separate Course Certificate, which has to be signed by you and stamped by the International Relations Management and Erasmus+Coordination of the Faculty of Social Sciences. The grade can be entered in the Course Certificate under "Student's performance - Participation with individual grading".

If you have any questions about the study modalities for incoming students, please contact the International Office in the Dean's Office of Faculty 03.

Further information on dealing with incoming students can also be found in the teaching guidelines.

International Relations Management and Erasmus+-Coordination

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During the semester break, office hours are held on Tuesdays from 11 am – 1 pm.

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