Local self-help groups and support for an autonomous way of life with health issues

Advocacy and Support Groups in Frankfurt am Main

Another excellent option for finding personal and practical support and advice in dealing with one's own health issues are self-help and advocacy groups. Their central aim is to foster mutual support among people dealing with the same kinds of problems, the exchange of information and (political) advocacy for the people relating to an issue within their area of interest.

Some of these organisations address the topic "disability, chronic conditions, diseases/ illnesses", and "inclusion" generally,  but organisations addressing specific conditions and challenges are even more common. In some cases, there are even specialised groups for students and academics with health issues.

General Information and Advice

In Frankfurt, general advice and counselling from a self-help/advocacy perspective is provided primarily by Cebeef , KOMM e.V. and Selbst e.V. 

We would also like to refer you to the Studying without Barriers for Students with Health Impairments meeting, which is offered at regular intervals by the University's Study Service Center for the exchange of experiences and information.

The following list of contact organisations is neither exhaustive nor complete, and is intended as a first orientation.

  • Selbsthilfe-Kontaktstelle Frankfurt gives an overview of self-help organisations in Frankfurt. 
  • Mutual support and exchange among academics is fostered by the networks Chronically Academic Germany (e.V.) and the Inclusive Expert Network iXnet.

Specific Self-Help Organisations (and their area of activities)

The authors cannot give any guarantees or accept any liability for the entries in this list. The organisations themselves are solely and entirely responsible for their work and their websites. 

If you have any recommendations for this list, please contact us.

Please note that these websites often do not have an international version in English; if you cannot find the details you need online, please contact the organisations directly.

The Representative for Inclusion



Beauftragte für Studierende mit Behinderungen / chron. Erkrankungen 

Petra Buchberger

Tel: 069/-18282
E-Mail: Buchberger@rz.uni-frankfurt.de