Are you looking for support in teaching academic reading and writing skills? We offer short and long-term opportunities for collaboration.



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Writing from Home — Our Offering in Corona Times

Writing-intensive formats make it possible to teach in these exceptional semesters asynchronously and with limited technology required, while still encouraging critical, independent thought and study. With detailed handouts (in German) on writing assignments, peer feedback and many more topics, you can develop concepts that we would be happy to discuss with you in a faculty consultation.

Writing Fellows

...are tutors trained in writing didactics who support writing-intensive seminars. The Writing Fellows provide students with feedback on two short writing assignments and meet with students one-on-one to discuss their writing. At the moment, Writing Fellows only work with German-language seminars. Learn more about the program and the conditions of participation on our German webpage here.

Seminar-integrated Trainings

We would be happy to lead a mini-writing workshop during one of your seminar sessions. Each seminar-integrated focuses on a specific aspect of academic writing—revision, argumentation, effective research questions, source use, etc.—and aims to encourage students to engage with their own writing.

Staff members and well-trained tutors of the Schreibzentrum design and conduct the seminar-integrated training sessions in close consultation with you, so that our inputs are tailored to your course's subject matter and tasks. A SIT lasts the length of a standard seminar, 90 minutes, but shorter inputs are possible upon request.

For more information and the current offer of seminar-integrated trainings for Winter Semester 2020/2021, please refer to the program. Further topics are available on request.

Workshops for Faculty

We offer various workshops in cooperation with Lehrlabor (The Teaching Laboratory) and Interdisziplinären Kolleg Hochschuldidaktik (Interdisciplinary College of University Didactics), and on the request of individual subjects. With a few exceptions, these workshops take place in German, but if you have specific wishes, we are also happy to develop new continuing-education formats in English in cooperation with you. Our workshops are a service offered by the Goethe University and are free of charge for university members.

Explore the full offering on our German website here.

Materials and Handouts for Faculty

You don't have to teach writing at the expense of your course's content. In fact, long-term writing assignments, portfolio work, and an understanding of writing processes and academic genres grant students a deeper access to their coursework as well as helping them to develop as writers. We have put together materials that you can use to plan writing-intensive courses. Take a look at our English materials for faculty, or go to our German website for the full collection.

If you are looking for English writing materials for your students, we have developed a number of worksheets on English Academic Writing. Visit our German website for the full collection of our materials for students.

Personal Faculty Consultation

We are happy to answer all questions about academic writing. For instance, we can provide you with material and methods, feedback on seminar concepts, or a collegial discussion on topics related to writing and reading didactics.

Request a meeting anytime via email:

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