Counselling Office “gewaltfreileben” for LBGTQI

„gewaltfreileben“ (nonviolent living) – Open psychosocial counselling for LBGTQI students

The counselling office ‚gewaltfreileben' offers open psychosocial counselling for women and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer individuals every week. The issues addressed include:

  • Conflicts due to gender or sexual identity in the immediate social environment
  • Discrimination experiences due to gender or sexual identity
  • Experiences of (hetero-) sexist violence
  • Conflicts involving coming out

Imminent Danger


donnerstags von 15h bis 18h
Gebäude 6 (PEG), Raum G2.215 (Feministischer Salon)

Telefonische Beratung:
dienstags bis donnerstags von 14h bis 18h: 069/43005233
Krisentelefon am Wochenende: 0151-25049749