Imminent Danger

Call the police at 110 immediately!
In case of fire: Set off the fire alarm and call the fire department at 112!


A rampage is when a perpetrators (or perpetrators) uses weapons to randomly or systematically injure or kill people, or tries to, and who acts with ongoing intent to kill or injure, or in such a way that this behaviour is to be expected.

What you should do / tips:

  • Try to keep calm
  • Seek cover immediately
  • Hide, or get yourself to safety. Do not leave your cover or hiding place prematurely.
  • Flee if possible. Use cover.
  • Your life is in danger in the vicinity of the perpetrator!

Call 110 at once.

Bomb threat

Listen, don't interrupt, try to gather as much information as possible and keep the caller talking. Take note of the date, time and telephone number on the display, the length of the call, the exact wording of the threat, characteristics of the caller (language, type of speech, gender, dialect/ accent, estimated age), and background noises.

In addition, ask these questions:

  • When will the bomb explode?
  • Where is the bomb?
  • What does the bomb look like?
  • What kind of bomb is it?
  • How is the bomb detonated?
  • What is your name?
  • Where are you calling from?
  • Why did you plant the bomb?

In conclusion, explain that you are not in charge.
Important: Notify the police immediately (emergency number 110) and your supervisors about the threat.

Hostage taking

Hostage taking is defined as the seizing or detention of an individual at a location known to the police in order to compel a third party to take some action.

What to do/ tips:

  • Do not enter the location; you risk being taken hostage yourself
  • Do not attempt anything on your own.
  • Act with caution
  • Do not panic
  • Do not provoke the perpetrator. Perpetrators are under great stress and unpredictable
  • Do not initiate contact; only engage in conversations that are unavoidable

Call 110 at once.

Incidents of violence

Incidents of violence in general:

  • In case of a violent incident: always contact the police, especially where weapons, sexual transgression and/or brutal acts endangering life or public safety are concerned.
  • If you feel threatened and are unsure what might happen next, then act as follows:
  • Attain physical distance. Announce: “I am getting help!“, seek eye contact with your colleagues, and go to the telephone.
  • Get help: Call colleagues, the porter (security), and / or the police

The following tips are recommended until the police arrive:

  • Attend to any victims
  • Write down main incident circumstances (time, course of events)
  • Secure availability of witnesses (telephone numbers)
  • Discuss measures to avoid danger with police on phone beforehand
  • Consider filing charges

Suicide / death

What you can do:

  • Notify fire department or police, 112 or 110
  • Give first aid if possible
  • Do not change anything at the scene
  • It is the task of the police to notify family and relatives in the event of a death.
  • Inform the university administration: 069/782 11100


Police: 110

6 rules in an emergency:

  • Help without putting myself at risk
  • Actively and directly recruit help from others
  • Pay close attention and memorize specifics of perpetrator's appearance
  • Call 110 for help
  • Help victims
  • Be available as witness