2013-xx: Mesoscale Wind Systems in the Mediterranean Region - A. Obermann, B. Ahrens - IAU/GUF

The aim is to survey the performance of regional climate models (RCMs) in terms of mesoscale winds in the Mediterranean Region and to improve the modeling of the relevant processes in the COSMO model in CLimate Mode (COSMO-CLM). Several regional climate models from the Med-CORDEX project are surveyed in terms of their performance in the Mediterranean Region with focus on surface winds. Besides other mesoscale wind phenomena in the Mediterranean Region, the focus is on Mistral and Tramontane winds in southern France, that cause high fire risks in France and deep-water formation in the Mediterranean Sea. The Fig. shows mean wind fields (in m/s) for a day with Mistral and Transmontane as simulated with COSMO-CLM (0.44° and 0.088° grid-spacing), with ERA-Interim, and as observed: