2015-18: Convective Hazards in Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate - S. Herzog, E. Brisson, B. Ahrens - LAU, Sachsen-Anhalt ; HLUG, Hessen, and FAWF, Rheinland Pfalz

 Atmospheric phenomena in conjunction with convective storms such as heavy precipitation, hail, lightning and windstorms can cause great damage. These phenomena are small in spatial scale and lifetime. That is why prediction, observation and thus, their climatological assessment is still a scientific challenge. The project aims to provide hazard maps for the German federal states Saxony-Anhalt, Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate (based on experience gained over Thuringia in a former project), as well as gaining a deeper understanding of the processes which are involved in convection.  In recent years, several convective events occurred which severely harmed the society and raise the question, how these natural hazards evolve in the future. Since a warmer climate is projected, one has to take humidity into account, which is considered to amplify the convective hazards. To study these short-term and small-scale events, highly resolved data and modelling will be used.

Here the report for Saxony-Anhalt on Convective Hazards as Bericht des Landesamtes für Umweltschutz Sachsen-Anhalt Nr.: 1/2017 (in german).