2014-xx: Sensitivity of Heavy Rainfall to Soil Moisture in Convection Permitting Climate Simulations- E. Brisson, B. Ahrens - IAU/GUF

The initiation of convective precipitation events is highly sensitive to the latent and sensible heat fluxes exchanges occurring between the surface and the atmosphere. Previous studies found that, as opposed to convection parameterized simulations, in convection permitting simulations (CPS) the convective activity is more likely to occur over drier soils owing to higher sensible heat fluxes. In this project, this sensitivity is investigated on a large number of events for the present-day climate as well as for alternative climates. Different features characterizing convective activities, such as the duration and the start of precipitation convective cells, are investigated using a tracking algorithm. The Fig. illustrates the water phases as simulated with model COSMO-CLM (1 km grid-spacing) for a convective event in central Germany.