Ongoing Research Projects

The Dehesa Landscape as Resource Assemblage: Representation, Knowledge, Conflicts

Coordination: Prof. Dr. Roland Hardenberg & Prof. Dr. Martin Bartelheim. Funding: DFG. Duration: 2017–2021.

Flexible because of poverty – Self-description and Strategies of Accessing Resources among NGO-actors in West Africa.

Project (TP B06) at the Collaborative Research Centre „Schwächediskurse und Ressourcenregime“ (SFB 1095).
Coordination: Prof. Dr. Hans Peter Hahn. Researcher: Dr. des. Kathrin Knodel and Melina Kalfelis. Duration: until December 2018.

Food as a mediator for sustainable community relations among uzbek migrants in the US.

Project within the Research Training Group „Value and Equivalence“. Coordination: Prof. Dr. Marin Trenk. Researcher: Sebile Yapici. 

Research Training Group "Value and Equivalence – The genesis and transformation of values from an archeological and anthropological perspective"

Members: Prof. Dr. Hans Hahn, Prof. apl. Holger Jebens und Prof. Dr. Marin Trenk. Funding: DFG. Duration: until September 2019.

Informal Markets and Trade in Eurasia

Coordinatior and Researcher: Susanne Fehlings. Funding: VolkswagenStiftung. Duration: 2016–2019.

Invitation to 'new' Islam: religious speeches in Kyrgyzstan

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Hardenberg. Researcher: Gulniza Taalaibekova. Duration: 2021. Funding: DFG.

Knowledge for Tomorrow - Postdoctoral Programme for Cooperative Research Projects in the Social Sciences in Sub-Saharan Africa

Project Manager: Mamadou Diawara. Coordiantion: Stefan Schmid (ZIAF) and Marko Scholze. Funding: VolkswagenStiftung. Duration: until March 2018.

The Materiality and Economy of Commemoration in Ghana - Display, Exchange and Creation of Wealth

Project within the Research Training Group „Value and Equivalence“. Coordinator: Hans Peter Hahn. Researcher: Isabel Bredenbröker.

Mobile Worlds. On the Migration of Things in Transcultural Societies

Supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Johann Jacobs Museum Zurich. Duration: October 2015–September 2018.

Preaching, Praying, and Helping: Religious Markets in Puri / Odisha

Project within the CRC 1070 RessourceCultures (Tübingen), C 04: “Religious Speech as a Resource in South and Central Asia: Instruction, Medialization and Commercialization". Coordination: Prof. Dr. Hardenberg. Researcher: Dr. Deepak Kumar Ojha. Funding: DFG. Duration: 2017–2021.

The Social and Cultural Dimensions of Resources: Iranian and German Perspectives

Project management: Prof. Dr. Roland Hardenberg; Dr. Shahnaz Nadjmabadi; in Kooperation mit Prof. Dr. Susanne Schröter (Goethe-Universtität; FFGI). Coordination: Dr. des. Katja Rieck. Project within the funding programme "University Dialogue with the Islamic World", funded by the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD). Duration: January–December 2018.

University collections as living archives. Teaching and research in the field of controversy between materiality and mediality

Project within the BMBF program „Collections“. Coordination: Prof. Dr. Hans Peter Hahn. Researcher: Julia Rice, M.A. Duration: 02/2017–02/2020.