Collaborative Track

Our collaborative track offers students at our partner institutes as well as students in Frankfurt the opportunity to get in touch with each other with the objective to plan, design, and execute research projects together.

The encounters will take place through different formats, they can include:

  • digital: get-togethers, workshops, use of working platforms
  • on-site: summer school, fieldwork

Certificate Program “Collaborative Anthropology”

On top of their respective degrees, students graduating at our partner institutes and students graduating in Frankfurt will earn a certificate for completing the Collaborative Anthropology program.

An overview on the Collaborative Anthropology program and on the requirements to earn a certificate (B. A., B. S., equivalent and M. A., M. S., equivalent, or higher) will follow shortly. Please visit our website for updates during the upcoming weeks.

Our Partners

We are currently preparing cooperations with universities in the following countries and regions: 

  • Brazil
  • USA
  • Niger
  • Indonesia
  • Mesoamerica
  • South Asia
  • South Caucasus
Please visit our website for updates during the upcoming weeks.


In this pilot project, structures and routines of international collaborative student research are established, which simultaneously promote student mobility and internationalization. The students engage in tandem or joint research with international peers — according to the principle “researching with" instead of “researching about". The pilot project is part of the project “Successful Teaching and Learning – Diversity and Internationalization in Higher Education" (ELLVIS). This project aims to increase teaching quality; to address heterogeneity, diversity, and inclusion; and to promote the internationalization of studies and teaching.


Timo Rossmann, M.A.

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