The guest lecturer program of the International Office: International Campus

Goethe-University runs a program called International Campus to finance international guest lecturers. Professors at GU from all disciplines are invited to propose teachers from foreign universities to teach as a guest lecturer at GU. This program may cover up to 75% of the total costs of an international lectureship (travel, accommodation, allowance).

GU aims to offer for all of its students with a study abroad experience. We would like to encourage scientific diversity on GU’s campus and enhance intercultural and linguistic competences of our students. The aim of the International Campus program is to bring students into contact with teaching contents and methods from abroad. This should eventually encourage them to spend some time abroad themselves. Visiting lecturers offer students the possibility to experience internationality especially to those who cannot go abroad for personal or financial reasons. The program is open to all disciplines. There is no allocation ratio or a limited number of proposals to be submitted by one single department. The International Campus program is financed by Hessian state funds to improve the quality of study conditions and teaching (QSL).

The guest lectureships will be awarded by a selection committee. Its members include representatives of GU's faculties, GU's central adminisitration, students and the International Office.

The closing date for the 15th round will be Octobetr 31st, 2019.