Grants and Scholarships

Research Funding at Goethe University

The Research Strategy Department  (Abteilung Forschung und Nachwuchs) is a first contact point for researchers seeking information about national and international research funding. The office provides comprehensive support and service for collaborative research, EU funding and for young researchers. As a link between management, administration, faculties/departments and researchers, the Research Support Office coordinates applications for cooperative research programmes, offers individual advice and flexible, tailor-made solutions.

On the office's website you will find an overview about possible funding schemes (DFG programmes, EU funding, fellowships offered by private foundations etc.) as well as information about funded research currently carried out by researchers of Goethe University. If you are interested to carry out your research at Goethe University with one of these grants, and are looking for advice and support, please contact the team of the Research Support Office.

On the following links you will find information about organisations that award grants for research projects:

Please note that there may also be organisations or institutions in your country to whom you could apply for a grant. To explore these options could be a good idea as well.


Research Support Office

Dr. Justus Lentsch
Head of Research Support Office
Tel.: 069/798-15193
Fax: 069/798-15007

Eva Kammann
Programme Manager for Junior Researchers
Tel.: 069/798-12130
Fax: 069/798-15007

Kristina Wege
European Support Officer
Tel.: 069/798-15198
Fax: 069/798-15007

Ellen Diehm und Stefanie Dreyer
Tel.: 069/798-15190
Fax: 069/798-15007