Events for Applicants and Orientation for First-Year Students


MainStudy is an annual, two-day event that is especially intended for applicants who want to get to know Goethe University. Applicants can join campus and laboratory tours, take tutorial sessions or consult with academic advisors, as well as discuss and experiment with professors and students in order to make an informed decision about their study programme and find out about the prerequisites, demands and the structure of the programme they might wish to study.


Schülercampus is a one-week summer programme for pupils who want to explore the Goethe University and get their first impressions about studying even before obtaining their university entry qualification. Our department is represented in workshops and regular courses pupils can participate in. They can get a taste of university life through additional activities as well as first-hand information on study programmes and student life by professors and students.

First-Year Orientation

First-year students can find out everything about studying at the Department for English and American Studies at the orientation just before the semester starts. Orientation provides an overview of the study programme and the most important study affairs.

Orientation for American Studies and English Studies for the Winter Semester 2020/21

will take place on Tuesday, April 06, 2021 -  12:00h-14:00h, via ZOOM.

Um den Einladungslink zur Zoomveranstaltung zu erhalten, melden Sie sich bitte bei Dr. Daniel Dornhofer unter Angabe Ihres Studienfachs an:

Additionally we will inform you via presentation
of the structure of the BA American Studies and BA English Studies programs
and how to successfully start your first term.


The Institutsgruppe, our student representation,

also offers an orientation on Wednesday, April 07, 2021 - 11:00h-13:00h, via ZOOM.

 Für die Einladung zur Zoomveranstaltung bitten wir Sie, sich unter mit Ihrem Namen und Ihrem Studienfach (English Studies/American Studies, Hauptfach/Nebenfach) kurz bei uns anzumelden. 

Den zugehörigen Zoom-Link und weitere Informationen senden wir Ihnen dann per Mail zu.

 Die Institutsgruppe wird außerdem in Kürze eine zusätzliche Präsentation für Sie bereitstellen.

Weitere Fragen beantworten wir gerne unter


Orientation for teaching degree students can be found on the website of the Academy for Educational Research and Teacher Training (ABL).