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Course Description: Bachelor English Studies (BA ES)

English Studies (B.A.) is a major or minor subject at our department and can be combined with other subjects at the Goethe University. This also applies to American Studies (B.A.), a programme that is offered by the Department of English and American Studies as well.  Combining different subjects into an individual study programme makes it easy for students to qualify for numerous professions by developing a unique profile.

Admission to the English Studies programme is currently not restricted, though a standardised certificate of your command of the English language has to be provided before applying.

The bachelor’s degree programme focuses on British culture, literature and history also referring to other Anglophone countries (except for the United States, which is examined in the BA American Studies). We examine the ways different cultural products, texts and media develop and manifest themselves. At the same time, we look at the groups and institutions that are involved in these processes. In addition, students will get an overview of the transcultural influences of and on English literature and culture in a historical context with an interdisciplinary approach.

The programme is divided into four focus areas:

  • English literary studies deals with the literature of Great Britain and Ireland from the 16th century onwards and with literary theories;
  • Cultural history, social history and the history of ideas (KIS) discusses philosophical, cultural, artistic, socio-economical and political developments of the British Isles and also Gender Studies;
  • New Anglophone Literature and cultures (NELK) investigates the Anglophone literatures of India, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the Caribbean and Pacific as well as postcolonial studies in general;
  • English linguistics deals with the structure and use of the English language as a special characteristic of the human faculty of speech.

More information on the bachelor’s degree course English Studies can be found in the Modulhandbücher Hauptfach & Nebenfach (German only, PDF) and the Prüfungsordnungen Hauptfach & Nebenfach (German only, PDF). Information on application and registration can be found on the web pages of the Studien Service Center (German only).

If you still have questions about the programme, feel free to contact us. If you have already gathered all relevant information, you can apply for this programme online (in German only).