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Course Description: Teaching Degree in English (L1, L2, L3 and L5)

Studying English in a teaching degree provides students with the didactic and expert knowledge necessary for teaching at:  

  • primary schools (L1),
  • secondary schools (“Haupt- and Realschulen”) (L2),
  • secondary schools (“Gymnasium”) (L3),
  • special schools (L5)

Admission to the English Studies programme is currently not restricted, though a standardised certificate of your command of the English language has to be provided before applying.

The program focuses on Anglophone culture, literature, history and language in Great Britain, the United States and other Anglophone countries. In this context discourses and social codes in Anglophone countries are analysed in order to recognize, describe and explain their influences on communication patterns and education. We examine the way(s) different cultural products, texts and media develop and manifest themselves. At the same time, we observe the groups and institutions that are involved in these processes. In addition, students obtain an overview of the transcultural influence of English literature and culture in a historical context from an interdisciplinary perspective. Literary and Cultural Studies as well as linguistics are also a part of the programme. A special focus is set on the didactics of English language and literature and research in second language acquisition.

The Department of English and American Studies offers a broad range of courses in the following areas:

  • English literature and literary studies
  • English cultural history, social history and the history of ideas
  • New Anglophone Literature and cultures (NELK)
  • English linguistics
  • American literature and literary studies
  • American culture and cultural studies
  • American history and society
  • Research in second language acquisition
  • Foreign languages and communication
  • Primary teaching

Further information on the teaching degree can be found in the Studien- und Prüfungsordnung (PDF, German only). Information on application and registration can be found on the web pages of the Studien Service Center (German only).

If you still have questions about the program, feel free to contact us. If you have already gathered all relevant information, you can apply for this program online (in German only).