Checklist for a successful course of studies


This overview is intended to serve our Bachelor students as a reminder of what should be considered in each semester for a successful course of study. The information is not binding - only the study regulations applicable to you are legally valid.

Before you start your studies

Semester 1

  • General Information
  • Day 1: Introduction to the first module, Structure and Function of Organisms, "StruFu" (compulsory course).
  • Visit of the library (as part of the orientation seminar in the first week of the semester).
  • In the first four weeks register for the Bachelor examination, information will be given on the orientation seminar in the first week of the semester.
  • On the first lectures, you will be given important information about Physics, Chemistry and Digital skills.
  • You must register for the module examinations in physics and chemistry.
  • At the end of the semester (in March), students register for the biological practical courses of the 2nd semester (Biodiversity)

Semester 2

If you plan to go abroad in the 5th or 6th semester via Erasmus, find out now about the general conditions, and apply for the remaining places during the 4th semester (summer semester in the following year).

Semester 3

  • In semester 4 or 5 you must give an English lecture as part of module 18, you might therefore voluntarily attend an English course.
  • Due to the long preparation times, this is the last opportunity to apply for a place in the Erasmus programme for a stay abroad during the 5th semester.
  • If you would like to complete Module 16 externally during semester 4 or 5 (outside the faculty, outside the Goethe University), you should now establish contacts and ask the module coordinator to approve the external internship.

Semester 4

  • Refresh and expand your computer skills (word processing, spreadsheet, etc.) for the preparation of reports and the bachelor thesis.
  • Participation in the literature search course (part of module 18). Further information (in German).
  • Visit the "Ringvorlesung Forschung Frankfurt" to find out about the working groups and topics for BSc theses.

Semester 5

  • Since you do not have any compulsory lectures in the 5th semester, either an external internship or a stay abroad is recommended.
  • Choose one of our approx. 40 research groups to complete modules 19 and 20 (Bachelor thesis). The ScieGuide of the btS offers assistance in the search for places for internships or the bachelor thesis.
  • Some Master's programmes have an application deadline for the winter semester already in March - please be aware to the deadlines if you wish to apply for a Master's programme.

Semester 6

  • Please note that modules 19 and 20 (Bachelor thesis) are completed in one of the working groups and occupy the entire semester.
  • Applications for Master's programmes that have an application deadline of July 15.
  • Registration of the Bachelor thesis.
  • Submission of the certificate "Aktuelle Forschung" and "Sammelbogens für Studiennachweise".


BSc Bio - Subject Specific Student Advice 

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