Biological Sciences Study Programmes


The Faculty of Biological Sciences at the Frankfurt Goethe University offers a widely diversified landscape of instruction and research.

The Biological Sciences Degree Programme in our Faculty enables you to acquire state-of-the-art basic knowledge of biology. In addition, there are specialisation opportunities ranging from organismic up to cellular and molecular biology. In the process, you will be integrated into biological research at the level of very well cross-linked international top level research at a very early stage.Besides the communication of knowledge, methodological competence and research practice at the current state of research, we place particular emphasis on the qualified supervision of our students.

At present, there are 38 work groups that are investigating different bioscientific problem complexes and conveying the latest research findings and the respective methodological competence onto the students in their courses. For, in addition to imparting basic knowledge, great emphasis is placed on research-oriented teaching at the Frankfurt University.The study contents are thus well-founded, practical and oriented toward the pulse of our time. Co-operations and networks with domestic and foreign partner institutions enable students to have many and varied research contacts, additional scientific impulses and career-orientation.

At the present time, one bachelor's study programme and four master's study programmes are being offered at the Faculty of Biological Sciences. Additionally, biology can be chosen as a course of study for the teaching profession.

General information about studies

You will find the appropriate contact persons and information on the individual study programmes on the respective pages!