Bachelor Programme Biological Sciences


What are biological sciences?

In the B.Sc. Programme in Biological Sciences you will acquire knowledge of the various biological subdisciplines and of related disciplines. The programme lays the groundwork for the investigation of life processes on various levels, from the molecular to subcellular compartments, cells, tissue, organs, single- and multiple- cell organisms up to ecosystems. This degree programme not only involves observation and description, but is concerned with the understanding of relationships and dynamic processes. This broad-based degree programme offers insight into many biological subdisciplines, as well as covering the necessary basics of chemistry, physics and mathematics. Specialisation is made possible by a choice of elective modules in later semesters, and the programme is completed with a bachelor's thesis. 

Interdisciplinary Bachelor Programmes


"The Chemistry of Life" -

Understanding the cell and its complexity. 


"(De-) Coding Life" –

The interface of biology and informatics.


"Physics of Life" –

The intersection of physics, chemistry and biology.


BSc Bio - Subject Specific Student Advice 

Dr Elke Schleucher
Study Dean Consultant

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Dr Peter Thalau

Biologicum, Campus Riedberg
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