Current Research

Nov 29 2023

Yonson Ahn has published an anthology on interactions between Germany and Korea

In October 2023, Yonson Ahn, together with Jihye Kim, published the anthology "Cross-border Interactions and Encounters between Germany and Korea" with Lexington Books. This publication comprehensively and interdisciplinarily explores the diverse aspects of the relationship between Korea and Germany. It illuminates various interactions, representations, migration, mobility, as well as cultural exchange in the fields of media, art, literature, translation, and research. The anthology thereby opens up new perspectives and deeper insights into the developments and transformations of these cross-border interactions. Timely for the 140th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Germany and Korea, it makes a significant contribution to an underrepresented research area.

Link to the anthology

Contributors/Authors: Helen Kim, Yonson Ahn, Jaok Kwon, Jihye Kim, Jan Creutzenberg, Katharina Süberkrüb, Yuri Ko, Jin-Wook Shin, Boyeong Jeong, Hannes B. Mosler, Yvonne Schulz Zinda, Yonsuk Chae

Citation: Yonson Ahn and Jihye Kim eds. 2023. Cross-border Interactions and Encounters between Germany and Korea.  Lanham: Lexington Books.