Current Research

Sep 30 2022

Current Research, September 2022

​Heike Holbig on the Canonisation of Xi Jinping Thought

In her contribution to CPC Futures. The New Era of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics edited by Frank N. Pieke and Bert Hofman, Heike Holbig traces the process of canonisation of what would come to be known as “Xi Jinping Thought for a New Era of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics". The objective is not only to illustrate the ever-growing importance of party ideology in contemporary China, but also to highlight the real-world implications of a process that might appear opaque and self-contained yet intersects closely with political, economic, social and cultural developments at home and abroad.

In this edited volume, China experts from Asia, the United States, Europe and Australia set out the future implications of trends in CPC ideology, politics and governance in Xi Jinping's “New Era." Published in September 2022, the collection offers clues on what the upcoming 20th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party will bring, what the next decade of party rule might look like, and what China's political elites do envision for the party's and the country's future. The book is distributed in Open Access.


Holbig, Heike (2022). Canonising Xi Jinping Thought – Ideological engineering and its real-world relevance. In: Frank N. Pieke and Bert Hofman (eds.), CPC Futures. The New Era of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, Singapore: NUS Press, 41-46. DOI:

Download: (Open Access).