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Mar 13 2023

Yonson Ahn has published an anthology on Korea's role in global society with Routledge

Yonson Ahn's edited volume, Korea and the Global Society was published in February 2023 by Routledge. This book explores multiple fields and disciplines around the theme of South Korea's engagement and exchanges with global society focusing on development cooperation, migration and the media.

The core of this volume is an analysis of South Korea's engagement and reciprocity in global society that has developed out of the country's shift from aid recipient and migrant sender to aid provider and migrant host. The contributions approach this through the three main aspects of development cooperation, migration, and the media. These themes represent an interdisciplinary array of research that introduces and analyses interconnected and concurrent instances of reciprocity, convergence, tension, inclusion, or exclusion in navigating South Korea's interactional relations with global society, spanning regions and countries including Africa, Asia, the USA, and Germany. 

This book is interdisciplinary covering a wide range of disciplines including sociology, gender studies, ethnic studies, media studies, IR, and area studies, in particular Korean studies.

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Contributors: Sabine Burghart, Tanja Eydam, Felicia Istad, Seonok Lee, Irina Lyan, David Oh, Jinhee Park, Stephen Cho Suh, Nazanin Zadeh-Cummings, Yonson Ahn  

Citation:  Yonson Ahn ed. 2023. Korea and the Global Society. New York and London: Routledge.