Places to Learn

at the Institute for Computer Science, around Robert-Mayer-Straße (RMS)

Are you looking for a quiet place to sit down and study or do you prefer something supervised?

IT-building, RMS 11-15, 1.floor, room 101

​Computer Science Library (quiet)

There are seats on two levels in the computer science library. Here you will find textbooks and other specialist books for the courses in computer science, bioinformatics and business informatics.
Almost all books can be borrowed.
If an important title is missing, you are welcome to send a purchase suggestion to the IT library via the website.
Opening hours and further information can be found on the website of the computer science library.

If you are looking for other books for the mathematical modules that go beyond the inventory of the computer science library, then have a look at the mathematics library in RMS 8 on the 4th floor.

Many books for the course can also be found in full text in the UB's e-library.

Math-tower, RMS 10, 3.floor, rooms 302-307

​Ingo-Wegener-Learning Center (supervised learning Mo-Fr)

The Ingo-Wegener Learning Center is something special at the institute:
Here you will find tutors who can answer your questions about the basic modules.
Of course, the tutors should not process your work assignments for you, but you should be able to ask how tasks are to be understood and whether there are available examples. There are 85 places with sockets and WiFi (eduroam). Just Come over. A registration is not required.
You can find opening times and information about tutoring hours on the learning center website.

IT-building, RMS 11-15, ground floor in front of the elevators on the left through the fire protection door

old learning center (without supervision, discussions are allowed here)

Tables and chairs are available in the old learning center. There is electricity and WiFi (eduroam) here, as well as contact with fellow students. A blackboard and a pin board with information and requests complete the well-lit room. This is also where the access to the copy room (HRZ) is located.

1) If you have an RBI account, you can print 500 pages per semester from the computer pools. The RBI printers are in the basement.
2) In the old LZ, events of the student council or initiatives take place multiple times during the semester (e.g. games meeting, workshops on mental health, climate change, ... ). Just pay attention to the notices.

​IT-building, RMS 11-15, ground floor, before the elevators, turn left through the fire protection door, then right

Student council lounge (it can get louder here)

Are you looking for a cozy environment to chat, eat and work on tasks together?
The student council lounge offers you sofas, tables, sockets, W-Lan (eduroam), a blackboard and a ball pool (to relax from studying).
It can be a little louder here, but please be considerate of the old learning center next door.
If you want to use the premises of the student council, you are urgently asked to leave them clean. Garbage cans, cleaning utensils, etc. are available.

Further information can be found on the website of the Student Councel department.

​IT-building, RMS 11-15, R026 (Kellergeschoss), ​IT building, RMS 11-15, R026 (basement), Fischer-rooms (access via Emil-Sulzbach-Straße)

Computer workstations: computer lab R026 (quiet), fishing rooms (depending on the day)

The computer pools of the Rechnerbetriebsgruppe (RBI) offer you the opportunity to take part in lectures, internships and seminars, work on your exercises, use the printers of the RBI and much more with an RBI Account. Most of the programs you need for your studies are pre-installed.
Recommendation: bring headphones!

The computer lab (R026) in the basement of the IT building offers 21 computer workstations, as well as a beamer and a flipchart. Some courses also take place here, which of course have priority in use.
The 5 computer pools in the Fischer-rooms offer the opportunity to work in larger or smaller groups.

​IT-building, RMS 11-15, ground floor: SR9, SR11, 3.floor: SR307

Seminar-rooms (quiet)

The seminar rooms are also available for quiet work outside of their occupancy times. There are tables and chairs, blackboards, W-Lan (eduroam) and sockets.

Please make sure that it remains quiet in the corridors, as this is also where the offices of professors, working groups and employees are located.

The canteen, the post office and the validators are on the ground floor

Neue Mensa / Canteen (quiet occasionaly)

In the Neue Mensa / Canteen on the Bockenheim campus, you will find not only the canteen but also the card validator for your Goethe Card.
On the 1st floor there is a row of permanent seating to work on.
Next to the Room of Silence is the access to the corridor with the NM rooms, which are used for tutorials. Outside the occupancy times, these rooms can also be used for learning. There are blackboards, tables and chairs, as well as WiFi (eduroam). The number of sockets is unfortunately very limited.

RMS 8, basement, stair access with bell at the back of the building

Bembelbots Soccer robot team (learning through participation)

Would you like to actively learn and expand your skills?

With the Bembelbots, the best robot soccer team at the GU, you can practice dealing with C++, Python, robots and people.
Here 7 NAO-bots are playing in parallel on the field for the victory of their beloved robotteam in the colors of the Frankfurt Bembel.

Everything that is needed for the success of the little football heroes is used, from machine learning to software architecture.

If you are not afraid of national and international competitions and can imagine taking part in lectures and events, then just come to the weekly meetings and become part of the team!

RMS 8, basement, stair access with bell at the back of the building

MakeLab (learning through participation)

If you want to let off steam creatively, drop by the MakeLab and get involved.
From 3D printers, soldering stations to laser cutters, you will find a lot of practical things in a stimulating learning and a handicraft environment.

Workshops and maker cafés are offered here.

If you want to know more about the opening times, workshops and projects, take a look at the MakeLab website.