Fachschaft (Student Council)

What does the student council do ?

The Fachschaft Informatik (Computer Science Student Council) is the student representative body for the Computer Science programs at the Department 12 Computer Science and Mathematics. The student council represents the interests of the students and also represents the students in the university committees at the departmental level.

If students have questions or problems regarding their studies, they can contact the student council via the contact form or by email.

The Fachschaft also organizes events like e.g. the Computer Science Summer Festival or the Orientation Event for first semester students (OE). The Students Lounge is a student's space located at the Institute of Computer Science that is provided by the Fachschaft and open to all students. More information about the Fachschaft and current announcements can be found on the website of the Fachschaft Informatik.

Who, How, When, Where ?

All students are welcome to actively participate in the student's representation or to attend the regular meetings of the Fachschaft Informatik.

Regular meetings (Fachschaftstreffen) take place weekly.

Further information about the meeting,current place and time can be found at

For Erstis (freshmen)

OE (Orientation Unit for First Semester Students)

Every semester, the OE of the student council takes place shortly before the start of lectures. Here, new students are given information and advice about the start of their studies...

more interactive projects

Many of our active Student Council members take part in student initiatives and projects on research and teaching.

New members are always welcome.

Computer Science Student Council

Fachschaft Informatik

Mail: fsinf@uni-frankfurt.de

Fachschaft Bioinformatik

The Studentlounge during the year.

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