Family Rooms

Parent-child rooms and breastfeeding facilities

Parent-child rooms and breastfeeding facilities are small oases in everyday university life for parents, both students and staff, and their children. Here, they can take a break for baby changing, breastfeeding or simply to rest, and make good use of any gaps in their everyday itinerary, for example if both mother and father are studying and the child has to switch parents on campus between two courses. We are working to ensure that these facilities will soon be available on all our campuses. 

Bockenheim Campus

  • Universitäts-Bibliothek Johann-Christian-Senckenberg (University Library Universitäts-Bibliothek Johann-Christian-Senckenberg)
    Bockenheimer Landstrasse 134-138 

    The room is located on the ground floor at the foot of the staircase, to the left of the lifts. Made possible by a donation from BBBank, the room is equipped with a sofa, play rugs, toys for children of various ages and the obligatory baby changing unit, as well as two computer workstations, which enable parents to do minor research and other work, even when they are out and about on campus with their children.  

    You can obtain the key by presenting your library card at the Humanities reading desk on the ground floor opposite the stairs.   
  • Institut für Mathematik (Institute of Mathematics)
    Raum 6a (ground floor)
    Robert-Mayer-Strasse 6-8

    This breastfeeding facility provides parents with a baby changing unit, an armchair for breastfeeding, and toys. They can also use the kitchen opposite. The key is available from Martina Suchà (office hours: tuesdays 11-12) in the secretary's office (ground floor, Room 1) or other staff members. 
  • SFB 1095 "Schwächediskurse und Ressourcenregime" ("Discourses of Weakness and Resource Regimes")
    Gräfstrasse 78 (ground floor)

    The parent-child room of CRC 1095 enables staff to bring their child(ren) with them in special situations. The room is equipped with toys, a play rug, a baby changing unit and a generous workplace with a computer and a telephone. 

Riedberg Campus

  • Geozentrum (Geocentre)
    Altenhöfer Allee 1 

    The room is located on the 3rd floor (Room 3.110).
    The parent-child room has wi-fi, an armchair, a baby changing unit, a play corner with a play shop, a medical examination table and a desk with internet connection. Members of the Women’s Council at the Faculty of Geosciences and Geography are responsible for supervising the room. You can collect the key from the porter at the entrance to the building.  

Westend Campus

  • Gebäude Rechts- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften (Law and Economics Building)
    Theodor-W.-Adorno-Platz 1

    The parent-child room is located in the former supervised nursery/pre-school, Room 1.112.

    You can collect a keycard for the parent-child room from the porter's office in the Law and Economics Building, which you can borrow in return for a deposit for the duration of use. Anyone using the room more frequently can apply for access authorisation for their own GoetheCard from the service team on Westend Campus. Please send an email with “Eltern-Kind-Raum im RuW, Raum 1.112" (“Parent-child room in the Law and Economics Building, Room 1.112") in the subject line, your name and your GoetheCard number to  

    Room 141 is a room for group work, which is primarily made available as a parent-child room. It is located on the ground floor of the Law and Economics Building and can be used without prior reservation or issue of a key during the building's opening hours. You can borrow a bag of toys from the counter.
  • Herausbildung normativer Ordnungen (Formation of Normative Orders)
    Max-Horkheimer-Strasse 2

    There is a breastfeeding and quiet room as well as baby changing facilities on the ground floor of the building. In addition, there is a parent-child workroom on the first floor. The room can be used after prior registration by parents working in the Cluster of Excellence. Further information regarding use of the room can be found here.  


Please direct enquiries for consultations to


Sara Schnier    
Family-Service Officer

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