On this page you will find our current workshop program. While we offer several workshops in English, most of our workshops take place in German. A few tips for navigating the program calendar below: if a workshop's title is in English, it will be held in English; click on a workshop's title for a detailed description and registration information.



Registration for workshops in the winter semester opens on October 1st. You can register here.

Our Workshops Post-Covid


We are returning most of our workshops and courses to in-person formats, but some workshops will still take place online for participants who prefer the flexibility and accessibility of the online environment. To find out if the workshop you are interested in will take place in-person or online, simply click on the workshop's title and navigate to the workshop's full description, where you will find complete information about the workshop and its format.

In our workshops we place great emphasis on participation, and this period's extraordinary circumstances will not change that. As ever, most of our courses consist of short lectures and longer phases of independent work. We have done a lot to ensure our workshops' digital formats are accessible: most online workshops include simultaneous video conferencing but may also offer text-based support and pre-produced, asynchronously usable learning materials. We've learned a lot over the past two years, and we intend to bring the best of our new digital teaching methods to all of our offerings.

You can register for all courses and workshops in the 2022/23 winter semester here.

Our workshops are designed for students of the Humanities and Social Sciences. For workshops on writing in STEM, visit the Writing Center at Riedberg.

Courses and Workshops in 2023/24 Winter Semester

Semester-long courses

Mi, 25.10./ 08.11./ 22.11./ 06.12./ 20.12./ 17.01./ 31.01., jeweils 16-18 Uhr

Offene Schreibgruppe
durchgängig Di und Do, jeweils 9-13 Uhr

Mi, 25.10./ 08.11./ 22.11./ 06.12./ 20.12./ 17.01./ 31.01.  jeweils 12-14 Uhr
Mi, 01.11./ 15.11./ 29.11./ 13.12./ 10.01./ 24.01., 
jeweils 12-14 Uhr

Further Workshops and Courses for Students at Goethe University

German as a Foreign Language:

Courses on German Academic Writing at the International Study and Language Center (ISZ).

Writing in STEM:

Advice and workshops on writing in the natural sciences, mathematics and computer science at the Writing Center Riedberg.

Research and Library Services:

Guided tours, training, and online information from the university library.

Key competencies for University Study in the Natural Sciences:

Courses of the Center for the Natural Sciences.

Social Science Methods:

Courses and workshops on empirical social research at the Center for Social Science Methodology.

Key Competencies for University Study in the Humanities:

Courses from the Center for the Humanities.