Dealing with changed working conditions

Tips and hints for working parents

Current protective measures have completely changed everyday family life and have turned routines upside down. To support you in times of home office and home schooling, the Family Service would like to provide you with a few tips and hints for this challenging situation. 

About the corona virus
The ZEIT Corona-Lexikon provides answers to many questions about the virus and explains everything in a child-friendly manner. For smaller children there is an explanation in pictures at

Learning tools for school children
The Etherpad is an open document with many links and offers to support learning for children in different school subjects. The Alliance for Education supports parents, pupils and teachers in their common task to find new ways of teaching and learning and offers a good overview of different offers.

Good advice on how to structure everyday family life, work organization and how to cope with the challenging emotional situation can be found in the blog of the coach Dr. Susanne Scheer. 

Free time
The website Spieltag@home provides up to six games and activities a day in the fields "Creative", "Movement" and "Think/Dream", which you can easily play at home.

For the little ones the Kinderkunsthaus München posts a crafting idea every day on Instagram. The FEZ Berlin collects creative ideas for house and garden. Newniq has some pretty painting templates to print out. 

Movement / Sport / Health
The basketball team ALBA Berlin offers a daily sports lesson for children of different ages on YouTube. The 30-minute program for Children of kindergarden age starts at 9am, at 10am there is a 45-minute sports lesson for primary school children. At 11am there is a sports lesson for secondary school children. Hallo Hebamme provides a eight-week retraining course for new mothers for free. 

Fans of reading should check out the platform Antolin. It provides quizzes for almost 100,000 books with which you can easily test your knowledge about your favourite piece of literature. On you can read online literature classics for free - for example fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm or Andersen. Furthermore it offers well-known works for children and young people such as the rides and adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Oliver Twist.

Music and Culture
The Hamburg Zwergenorchester streams a concert for children every day. The music teacher Julia Miller-Nissner offers daily online music lesson every day on YouTube. A visit to a museum is made possible by virtual tours of 12 famous cultural sites around the world, such as the Louvre in Paris or the Guggenheim in New York. Frankfurt's Senckenberg Museum also has an online exhibition and craft ideas and quizzes for children.

ARD is expanding its children's program - "Die Sendung mit der Maus" is now broadcast daily at 11:30am on WDR. The children's news program "logo!" reports twice a day on the current situation - in addition to the program at 7:50pm and at 11:05am. 

An overview of the offers for children and school children has been provided by ARD here.

In some zoos you can watch the animals via webcam: Zurich, San Diego, Washington D.C. or the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

At the moment, unfortunately, you can only travel with your finger on the map - or even virtually with Kinderweltreise. Here you can collect a lot of information about diffents countries and their cultures. 

In case you are facing the loss of your income due to the current situation you can find information on emergency child supplement by the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs. 

If you have further recommendations, please contact Benjamin Kirst via mail