Dr. Eva Bracht

Dr. in Psychology



Phone: +4915789539532

Postal address: Goethe Universität · Institut für Psychologie · Abt. Sozialpsychologie Hauspostfach 74 · 60323 Frankfurt

Email: ebracht@psych.uni-frankfurt.de

Office hours: Upon agreement

About me

I am a Post-Doc student at the Social Psychology Department, researching leadership. I am interested in how leadership can foster the development of follower (self-)leadership, and which role organizational culture plays in this process. In addition to this, I am interested in the impact positive forms of leadership can have on innovation and the topic of organizational transformation.

After studying Psychology in Bonn, Madrid, and Munich, I worked in an organization for two years. The experiences I gathered here help me today to ensure practical relevance of my research. As a close connection between research and practice is very essential to me, I also currently work as a consultant for organizational development at Netzwert Partner GmbH in Munich.


2021 - today: Consultant for organizational development and Post-Doc.

2018/2019: Visiting researcher at University of Washington in Seattle, USA with Prof. Dr. Bruce Avolio

2016 – 2021: PhD student at Goethe University, Department of Social Psychology

2015-2017: Trainee und Consultant for HR-Organization Development

2008-2012: Psychology student

Research interests

  • Leadership towards (self-)leadership
    • Which role does organizational culture play for the development of self-leadership? We are exploring the “self-leadership-culture”
    • How does ones self-concept/ identity impact the transformation from being a follower to becoming a (self-)leader?
  • Leadership and innovation
    • Which forms of positive leadership have the strongest relationships with follower innovative behavior if compared against each other?
    • How important is a climate/culture of innovation for innovative behavior?
  • Organizational Transformation
    • How can organizational transformation really succeed?
    • What are the phases in organizational transformation processes?


09/2019 Universität Frankfurt – Research module for Masters Students (Psychology)

08/2019 Frankfurt Summer School – Social Influence and Social Change

08/2018 Frankfurt Summer School – Conflict, Communication and Negotiation

(Selected) publications

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