Equal Opportunity Representative

The Equal Opportunity Representative should be contacted in cases of sexual discrimination.

When should I contact the Equal Opportunity Representative?

  • If you encounter sexist behaviour in your work environment
  • If you have been discriminated against because of your gender with regard to employment, employment contract conditions, salary classification or similar.
  • If you experience discrimination because of issues involving the compatibility of family and career
  • If you experience sexual harassment or violence

For initial counselling, you can contact one of the equal opportunity representatives in each faculty. You can find a current list of representatives here.
Your conversations and counselling with an equal opportunity representative are confidential!

Imminent Danger


Dr. Anja Wolde
Equal Opportunity Representative
T 069 798 18100
E wolde@em.uni-frankfurt.de

Annemarie Eifler
Assistant Equal Opportunity Representative
T 069 798 18123
E annemarie.eifler@em.uni-frankfurt.de