Workplace Integration Management (BEM)

The goals of BEM are to overcome work incapacity, prevent a recurrence of work incapacity, maintain employment and avoid occupational disability or invalidity.

Who should talk to BEM?

  • If you have been unable to work for more than 6 weeks in a row, or repeatedly, within one year.
  • If health problems are present, regardless of whether their origin is work-related or not, you do not have to wait until you have been unable to work for more than 6 weeks. You are welcome to approach BEM beforehand.
  • In a confidential conversation with the affected employee, a BEM representative and other people in the integration team when necessary, we will consider the causes of the illness and its consequences, options for continuing employment and employee expectations. Together we will work out an approach for solving the problem, and options for further action.

Imminent Danger


Occupational Integration Management

T: 069/798-18308

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