Dual Career



The Dual Career Service Frankfurt (DCSF) supports the partners of new employees in all aspects of their own career prospects in the Rhine-Main region. The focus of the advice is on the respective personal situation and the associated challenges and opportunities.

The Dual Career Service Frankfurt is a joint service of Goethe University, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (Frankfurt UAS), and the Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education (DIPF). It is located at the Equal Opportunities Office of the Goethe University.


Our Counseling Offer

• Professional orientation and career planning
• Developing an individual search strategy
• Introduction to the local job market
• Help with job-related networking
• Support during application processes
• Information on opportunities for further training

Eligible Persons and Initial Contact

Goethe University Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education

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Orientation in Frankfurt

In addition to the actual consultation, you will find useful information and links to help you get started in Frankfurt. This way, you can promote your successful arrival in Frankfurt on your own initiative and obtain further information.

Application Process

Job Search

Further Training and Support Programs

Living in Frankfurt


Cooperation and Networks

The DCSF is a building block of a larger welcome service understanding of Goethe University and cooperates with other institutions of the university.

Further Support at Goethe University

The quality of consulting is ensured through the expansion of networks with other universities, regional associations and institutions, as well as contact with potential employers.

External Networks


Literature and Media Coverage

Here you will find a selection of publications on the topic of Dual Career (mainly in German).  

Literature about Dual Career

Current and Collected Coverage of Dual Career in German Press and Radio.

Dual Career in the Media